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Virtual Reality Services

360 Video Production

The feeling of visiting a place without actually being there is created through the use of 360 video. The experience for the viewer is that of standing in the middle of a location where they can look up, down and behind themselves fluidly. This immersive technology engages the information receptors in the brain, telling it that it is having a new experience. This makes 360 video the perfect tool for giving a tour of a community, a property or a business. Our experienced team supports all aspects of the video production from concept to delivery.

3D Visualization3D Visualization

Combine the power of 360 video with 3D modelling to bring your vision for a development to life. Place a virtual spec building on a greenfield site or present a vision for how a community could grow in a way that makes one feel like they are really there.  Existing models may be placed into the videos or they can be created from scratch. See the example in our promo video. See the example in our promo video. 

VR App Development

Multiple 360 videos can be combined into an app for use with virtual reality headsets. VR apps provide navigation between videos and can include ‘hot spots’ for linking to additional text, graphics and traditional video. 

Virtual Meetings for Economic DevelopmentLive Virtual Meetings

Through incredible advancements in virtual reality technology, Golden Shovel can host and moderate live virtual reality meetings. Economic developers, site selectors and decision makers can meet together in a virtual room to give live familiarization tours and site tours utilizing the 360 videos. 3D sound creates a strong feeling of intimacy and presence that has to be experienced to believe. Appointments can be arranged with select participants or from our participating site selector network. 

Matterport Existing Facility Tours

Matterport technology gives you realistic, interactive 3D and VR models of existing facilities that feel as real as being there. Users can walkthrough an entire facility using their web browser, phone or VR headset. Additional information can be added to ‘hot spots’ throughout the tour for providing additional information. This is a great solution for existing buildings for sale or lease, incubators and coworking spaces.