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When you use virtual reality and 360-degree video to introduce prospective investors, residents, and visitors to your community, you're not just taking people on a tour. You're guiding them down their decision-making path. Help people choose you by creating a library of immersive technology assets that make it possible for you to both reach more people and engage with them in a one-to-one setting.

Immersive 360° Virtual Reality Videos

VR Technology allows visitors to discover a new part of the world without physically being there. 360-degree video allows you to take your target audience to specific places, buildings, and areas by showcasing your region's unique amenities, assets, events, and quality of life. Your production can then be viewed easily on VR headsets, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. High-quality VR headsets can be mailed anywhere or brought to in-person meetings, conferences, trade shows, and career fairs. These immersive experiences are literally the next best things to being at a specific location in person.

Economic developers are using VR videos for business and talent attraction, tourism promotion, and to show high school students the job opportunities that exist within the community.


Immersive Renderings

Combine the power of 360-degree video with 3D modeling to bring your vision for developing a specific property to life. Models help investors and site selectors envision how a site could be developed or how a community can grow. Place a virtual spec building on a greenfield site or present a vision for how a community could grow in a way that makes one feel like they are really there. Existing models may be placed into the videos, or they can be created from scratch.


Existing Facility 3D Tours/Mapping

Realistic, interactive 3D and VR models of existing facilities offer prospective clients an experience that is as real as being there. Users can walk through an entire facility using their web browser, smartphone, or VR headset. Additional information, like text, photos, videos, or links, can be added to 'hot spots' throughout the tour to provide additional information. This is a great solution for existing buildings for sale or lease, incubators, and coworking spaces.



Aerial/Drone & Traditional Video

PlaceVR can also supply economic development videos that offer your website tremendous flair. Using either high-tech video or drone equipment, let us show you how video walk-throughs or aerial footage can help your website jump to life.


Live Virtual Meetings

Meet together with site selectors and decision-makers wherever they are in the world in a virtual room. You can share 360° video familiarization (FAM) in your meeting and site tours. VR goggles with 3D audio create a strong sense of presence that makes participants feel like they’re really in the same place together. View a demo...

Virtual Meetings for Economic Development


Learn How VR Works 

Our Video Process

1. Focus on Objectives

Our initial conversations will be about your objectives, and we'll give you specific recommendations for how PlaceVR technology can help you meet your goals.

2. Creative Development

When you're ready to kickoff your project, we'll introduce you to the PlaceVR team and schedule your first meeting with your scriptwriter. During this phase, we'll be gathering information for the video narration and deciding which places will be featured in your video.

3. Video Capture

After you approve the video narration and featured places list, we'll schedule the video shoot. Our videographer will spend 4-5 consecutive days with you, traveling to each place on your list to capture footage. You not only get to create the shooting schedule, but you also get to come along!

4. Production

Our production team takes over, putting the footage together, and combining it with a voice-over, narration, and graphics. We'll make a round of revisions to make sure everything is just right. Then, we'll get started on your next video.

5. Launch

Your video is ready for the world to see! When loaded on VR headsets and embedded on your website, you're ready to engage with site selectors, investors, visitors, and community members to gain attention and build excitement for your economic development initiatives.


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