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Virtual Reality and 360 Video Attracts Businesses, Workforce and Visitors

PlaceVR uses virtual reality and 360 videos to enable economic development leaders to attract more businesses, workforce and tourists to the places they promote. By removing the barriers of time and cost that limit their access to site selectors, investors, potential visitors and new residents, you can reach more people by bringing them to your place virtually.


Do you like to think big? Are you committed to finding solutions to your community’s economic development challenges?

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Overcome the Competition for Attention with Innovative Technology

vr for business


Highlight your culture, available sites, workforce, schools, and great quality of life through virtual familiarization tours and site tours.

vr for workforce attraction


Get a powerful new recruitment tool to immerse prospects in the possibilities of a new career and a new community to call home.

vr for visitor attraction


Show off community amenities and attractions in an engaging and memorable way to inspire visitors to come in person.

PlaceVR Creates Engaging, Memorable Experiences

Virtual reality, 360 video and virtual meetings are immersive technologies that simulate the experience of actually visiting a place for the first time. Because the experience opens new receptors in the brain, people get a real sense of presence that increases information retention. The result is that organizations are able to showcase the culture, assets and opportunities of a place in a way that is personally engaging and deeply memorable, so that they stand out in the minds of the people they want to influence.

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How to Get in Front of More People with PlaceVR

vr for trade shows

Trade Shows

Use VR goggles to take your video to trade shows and career expos and give prospects an experience that makes you stand out from all the other organizations competing for their attention.

vr for in-person meetings

In-Person Meetings

Use VR goggles at in-person meetings so that site selectors, investors and stakeholders can virtually tour your featured places and remember your message.

vr for virtual meetings

Virtual Meetings

Hold virtual meetings with people anywhere in the world. By using the VR goggles, participants are able to engage with each other and with the video resulting in interactions that converts interest into action.

Ready to Be an Innovator in Marketing Your Community?

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Can You Really Meet Your Goals with the Usual Methods?

Place VR isn’t just an economic development marketing tool. It’s a signal that you’re progressive, innovative and forward-thinking. If you’re holding back because the technology is new, then you might just miss out on your best opportunity to reach the people who are going to make the biggest difference to the growth and vibrancy of your community and your future.