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Virtual Reality for Economic Development

Virtual Meetings App and 360-Degree Video

It's always been a challenge for economic development leaders to get the number of site visits you need to sell an industrial property or land a big business relocation deal. It's even more difficult now that concerns about COVID-19 have limited travel.

With virtual reality and 360-degree video, you can meet with site selectors wherever they are:

  • Remove the barriers of cost and time to get more site visits.
  • Create and sustain the amount of activity you need to secure more deals.
  • Build relationships by engaging one-to-one in a virtual environment.
  • Impact site selection decisions by making your message stick.


Your Customized Virtual Conference Room 


1. Site Selectors Watch Your Video

You have a set of virtual reality goggles and you send a set to the site selector. Both goggles are loaded with your custom 360-degree content. The site selector has an immersive experience viewing the video that introduces your community.

2. You Ask For a Meeting

Because site selectors feel like they're really been to your community after they've viewed your 360-degree video, they remember you. When you call to ask for a meeting, they know who you are.

3. Your Virtual Conference Room is Set Up

Now it's time for PlaceVR's meeting app to bring you and site selectors together at a simulated conference table.


4. Meet With Participants in Your Virtual Conference Room

Begin your meeting as you would any other, making conversation to build rapport. Everyone in the meeting will appear as personalized avatars around the table. As your video starts, participants will find themselves inside of the places in your community that have been captured with 360-degree video.

5. Interact as You Would in Person

As the video rolls, you can look around, talk to each other, and interact with what you're seeing. You can share details with a slide deck, and pause the video to discuss and answer questions.


Meetings App Included With PlaceVR 360-Degree Video

 The meetings app is provided at no additional charge to organizations that have PlaceVR 360-degree video content. The PlaceVR team brings their expertise to communities to create video assets that simulate the experience of really visiting a place. See more here.

  1. Familiarization Tours
  2. Industrial Sites For Sale
  3. Workforce Education and Attraction
  4. Workforce and Higher Ed Recruiting
  5. Tourism

You Have to Change Your Game If You Want to Meeting More Site Selectors

Site selectors are doing their research online, and are filling up their short lists without ever leaving their offices. If you're not using virtual reality technology to reach them, you might never get in front of enough people to land the deals that will lead to a growing and vibrant community.


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