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Best Economic Development Videos for 2022

Best Economic Development Videos for 2022 Main Photo

4 Jan 2022

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We present to you the Best Economic Development Videos for 2022. Each year, backed by research, trends, and videography expertise, the Golden Shovel Agency team puts together a list of what we consider to be the most impactful economic development videos.

Best Economic Development Videos for 2022

Take some time to appreciate the work these economic development organizations have accomplished and be sure to take notes of your favorite elements for when you’re ready to create your own economic development videos.

Here are some highlights from our virtual reality productions in 2021.


#1 City of Elk River Economic Development

The City of Elk River has available sites and properties in prime locations awaiting business expansion or new development. The organization created a series of site-specific videos to promote that industrial land for sale in the community. These are the best economic development videos including detailed drone footage and graphics outlining the location and opportunities for some of the key properties for sale.

Elk River Northstar Business Park

Elk River Shovel-Ready Certified 28-Acre Site

Elk River Main & Gates Drone Video

#2 Co-Mo Connect

Co-Mo Connect produced a series of 360-degree VR videos to promote its economic development message with a digital marketing strategy. These are the best economic development videos that promote the unique places Co-Mo Connect offers in rural America. Not only are the videos bringing awareness to the region, but the organization is getting inquiries on properties for sale.

Co-Mo Connect Familiarization Tour

Co-Mo Connect Boonville

Co-Mo Connect Tipton

#3 Maricopa Economic Development Alliance

Maricopa Economic Development Alliance created a 360-degree VR video that highlights all aspects of the community ranging from business attraction, to career growth, growing a business, and starting a family. The video does a great job of covering lifestyle as well as infrastructure - a little touch of everything that creates a detailed overview of the community in one convenient format.

The Maricopa Advantage: A Gateway to Growth, Prosperity, and Sustainability, Maricopa, AZ

#4 One East Kentucky

One East Kentucky has created a series of six 360-degree VR and 3D renderings that will market available land at industrial park sites and existing buildings that are for sale. The videos will allow the organization to take viewers on a tour of the region from anywhere in the world. Some of the most notable features in the videos include the 3D renderings that seem very real. One of the best economic development videos from 2022 was the virtual tour GSA created for One East Kentucky. This is the first time a business and site consultant can walk through a building that is over 50,000 square feet and take measurements as they go. It’s incredible technology at work in our virtual world. 

One East Kentucky Region Familiarization Tour

One East Kentucky 15-Acre Site & 3D Rendering

One East Kentucky Eastern Business Park

One East Kentucky Coal Fields Industrial Park

One East Kentucky Industrial Park

One East Kentucky Gateway Industrial Park

#6 Montgomery County, Ohio

Montgomery County, OH is using virtual technology just as the Golden Shovel team envisioned it - to reach more people and meet with them without having to travel. Montgomery County has produced a 360-degree familiarization tour, five videos with 3D building renderings, three 360-degree building tours, and two existing facility mapping tours - all of which will market available land in industrial park sites and existing properties for sale. These are some of the Best Economic Development Videos for their integrated use of multiple technologies.

Montgomery County, OH Familiarization Tour

Montgomery County, OH Salem Mall

Montgomery County, OH McCall's Tour

Montgomery County, OH Xerion

Montgomery County, OH Economic Development Tour

#7 Bowling Green Area Economic Development Authority

Bowling Green Area Economic Development Authority created a standard drone video with broadcast-quality location production. The video is broken into four segments - quality of life, education, business climate, and logistics. The clips can be played as one full video, or in shorter segmented videos and are used to attract and inform visitors.

Bowling Green, KY Familiarization Tour

#8 Madelia Area Redevelopment Corporation

Using this innovative technology has helped MARC not only attract attention but also draw people into its message. Small towns and rural America have increased in popularity as more people are able to work remotely. With the 360-degree VR video tour, the Madelia team doesn’t have to just tell people what it’s like in the community. They can show them.

Madelia Quality of Life

Madelia Familiarization Tour

Best Economic Development Videos for 2022 Based on Your Needs

“We have developed incredible economic development videos this year and I am so proud to have worked with innovative economic developers throughout the country and the world,” said Kolbjornsen. “Ultimately the best economic development videos for 2022 are the ones that give economic developers an effective tool for telling their story - whether that is directed towards workforce, investors, or growing companies. It’s storytelling in the most compelling form.”

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