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How To Repurpose Videos and Get the Most Out of Your Investment

How To Repurpose Videos and Get the Most Out of Your Investment Main Photo

13 Aug 2023

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Creating quality videos and learning to repurpose videos is more than a valuable marketing tool. It’s a multi-faceted asset that, when used wisely, can work like any other good investment, paying you back with interest for years to come. There are so many ways to reach a wider audience by using your media in different distribution channels. All it takes is a little time and creativity.

It's Both Cost-Effective and Exciting to Repurpose Video Into Other Valuable Forms of Content

Repurposing video is more than reposting. Video is much more than a self-contained entity. It’s a combination of audio and visual assets that can be extracted and finessed in platform-specific ways. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Repurposing Audio

Is your soundtrack filled with interesting facts? Make the most of it by repurposing it as a podcast. You can also transcribe it and repurpose it into a series of blog posts with minimal editing. Of course, it’s also easy to embed portions of your video in your blog. While you’re at it, identify your video’s quotable quotes so you can use them in fresh, new ways.

Repurposing Visuals

On the flip side, you can repurpose videos by turning off the soundtrack and using it as a dynamic, silent background for your website and Facebook cover. Video also makes a great background at trade shows, and in other displays. For best results, tighten up your silent video so you have a shorter loop of well-chosen, breathtaking shots. Your superb still images can then be captured and repurposed on social media and in other marketing collateral.

Repurpose To Go Viral

Are you proud of your video’s stellar moments and soundbites? Break them out for different social media platforms. Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest offer unique opportunities to repurpose videos. All of those platforms are ideal for short clips and teasers. If you’re feeling extra creative, make boomerangs and memes with the intention of going viral. If you haven’t already done this, now is the time to edit your best clips into a trailer designed to draw people in to watch your entire presentation.

Create a Series

If your video were a book, would it have obvious chapters? You can create more engagement by breaking your video into a series of YouTube videos. Those excerpts can again be repurposed to make your webinars and keynote presentations more convincing and dynamic.  

Behind the Scenes and Training

Why waste your outtakes when you can put together a blooper reel? Everyone loves to laugh and to get a peek at what goes on behind the scenes. People do business with people, not entities. Sharing your hilarious mistakes is a great way to humanize your EDO and stay relatable.

Last, but not least, you can repurpose your video in its entirety by broadening your audience inside and out. Share your video with local businesses and organizations. Send it to your mailing list. Add it to Facebook and LinkedIn. And consider using it as an internal training tool.

We're Here To Help You Repurpose Videos (And More!)

You’ve already worked hard to produce your videos. If you repurpose videos wisely, you can stretch them out, and have fresh material to share for months, or even years. For more ideas about ways to repurpose videos, check out this article or reach out to us today.

Learn More About Creating Your Own Memorable Videos

These days, you’ve got to be innovative or you’re going to be invisible. Through video, you can overcome the challenge of distance, time, and travel restrictions to showcase your community. When people can’t come to you, you’ve got to go to them – and the way to show site selectors, inventors, potential visitors, and new residents that you’ve got just what they’re looking for is to use video and virtual technology. Contact us to learn more.

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