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Which Video Format Is Right for My Organization? 4 Types of Virtual Tours

Which Video Format Is Right for My Organization? 4 Types of Virtual Tours Main Photo

2 Dec 2021

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Wondering what types of virtual tours will increase your outreach exponentially? Offering a compelling location tour that doesn’t require travel.  Site selection is a process of elimination, and VR is the most effective way to showcase your location convincingly and stay on top of site selectors’ lists. Not only does VR give them the chance to experience the best of your community before setting foot on location, but it’s also the best way to shine a spotlight on regional assets that are hard to describe. Moreover, VR tours are memorable.

The types of virtual tours you offer will depend on the type of investors you want to attract.

Here are four popular directions this exciting mode of travel can take, along with examples. Please keep in mind that these tours are best when viewed through a VR headset.

Familiarization (FAM) Tours

Familiarization (FAM) tours are a fantastic way to present an overarching showcase of the economic opportunities, location advantages, and infrastructure of a community within the context of its unique culture and local flavor. Transporting your stakeholders in a way that allows them to experience your community firsthand is not only exciting but also communicates your regional brand with complete clarity. In addition to telling your story to prospective businesses, a FAM tour is a great type of virtual tour for recruiting the skilled workforce your community needs.

Fam Tour Examples:







Site-Specific Tours

Why rely on static online content and printed brochures when VR can immerse potential investors in a manner that focuses their attention and shuts out the rest of the world? Taking a site selector to a location by way of VR allows them to gain a fast understanding via extensive coverage that not only shows the property at its best, but also fully explains location advantages, financial incentives, infrastructure, economic development organization partnerships, and more. Thanks to drone photography, these tours can include amazing aerial vantage points that would be impossible for anyone to access in person.

Site-Specific Tour Examples:







Spec Building Tours

Spec Building VR tours utilize architectural renderings so prospective investors get to explore a finished facility, inside and out, at any stage of planning or construction. Letting site selectors walk through at their own pace helps them fully envision the potential of the property. Meanwhile, interactive maps, clear descriptions of incentives, utilities, EDO partners, workforce development resources, and more.

Spec Building Tour Examples:







Existing Facility Tours - 3D Mapping

Some locations need to be explored from all angles. When you’re considering types of virtual tours and know nothing short of a truly immersive, 360-degree experience will do a site justice, virtual mapping technology is the only choice. Being transported so thoroughly to a site is exciting and encourages thorough memorable exploration. In addition to the ability to wander and peruse, these tours have clickable options that provide related information, downloadable materials, and more. Existing facility tours are designed to be viewed through a VR headset, but that doesn’t have to be expensive. Today’s promotional VR headsets can be ordered in bulk and shipped with a link to your virtual tour.

Existing Facility Tour Examples:





We’re Here to Help

Our clients have found that once their first VR tour is part of their marketing collateral, the ROI becomes quickly apparent. After that, they start to build their arsenal with other types of virtual tours.

Are you interested in finding out more about what a VR Tour can do for you? Contact us for a free consultation today.

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