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4 Steps to Take Site Selectors & Prospects on a Virtual Journey to Close More Deals

4 Steps to Take Site Selectors & Prospects on a Virtual Journey to Close More Deals Main Photo

4 Oct 2021

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Are you looking for tangible steps to take site selectors and prospects on a virtual journey to close more deals? If so, you’re about to expand your reach and ability to connect with site selectors from across the world.

First, you need to have an understanding of who your buyer is, then your website content and videos should walk them through the buyer’s journey. This is very important. This is an actual process that has been proven to work with data.

We start by wanting to attract them to you. You need to have content that is going to help you come up in that organic search. That’s where keywords come into play. For example, what would someone type into Google that’s in your target industry or workforce segment that would help your website to come up. This should be completely based on their needs. The keywords that you come up with need to be in your website content. Creating blogs, videos, social media posts, and articles that incorporate those keywords and speak to their needs will transform strangers into visitors.

Once you have visitors on your website or watching one of your videos, the next goal is to convert them into a lead. There are several ways that your content and design can make that possible - things like forms, calls to action, landing pages, etc. are incredibly useful tools. Something you can implement immediately is making sure you have calls to action, whether it be adding links in your website content and articles, or adding an end screen to watch more videos on YouTube. A call to action tells the reader what to do next and is a critical step in taking site selectors and prospects on a virtual journey!

4 Steps to Take Site Selectors & Prospects on a Virtual Journey to Close More Deals

#1 Attraction

The Attraction Stage is the first stage in a buyer’s journey. This is where your prospects are aware that they have a “problem.” For example, a site selector knows that they need to find a new location for their business. They are going to start asking questions like, “Are we outgrowing our current location?” or “Should our business start/continue expanding?”

At this point in the buyer’s journey, your prospects likely don’t know who you are. As an economic developer, it’s your job to create awareness of your location and all that the region has to offer. Everything you promote in this stage should be directed at your prospect’s pain points, not just all about you.

Use keywords in your marketing so you appear in search results. Create SEO-friendly blog articles, social media posts, and digital ads with your keywords. If you’ve got videos on your YouTube channel, add subtitles and a description filled with keywords you want to rank for.

#2 Convert

Once your prospect is familiar with your organization, they move into the Convert Stage of the buyer's journey and are more likely to interact with your content. For example, clicking on social posts or ads, and finding themselves on a landing page. From here, we recommend using CTAs (calls to action) and forms for gated content.

Educational material can be used to help convert leads. Things such as whitepapers, reports, eBooks, and site/community tours are all great resources for remaining at the forefront of site selectors’ minds. Ask your visitors to fill out a form to get this information. Once you have their contact information, you can nurture those leads and guide them down a targeted buyer’s journey based on their interests.

#3 Close

Now it’s time to get your leads into the Close Stage of the buyer’s journey. Move your prospects down the funnel by putting them in workflows and sending emails and content based on their interests. By now, those who are still interested in your community might begin reaching out for more information or to set a meeting. If you’ve got 360-degree VR tours, this is a great time to send them a set of VR goggles so they can view your community without ever having to leave their office.

As they become closer and closer to their decision, site selectors are considering things about preparation, implementation, starting costs, customer support, etc. Make sure this information is easily accessible and digestible to them. We also recommend sending case studies and testimonials of businesses and community members who are thriving in your region.

#4 Delight

Success! You’ve closed the deal! But the buyer’s journey isn’t over yet. Make sure this business is 100% delighted and not only stays in your community for many years to come, but also becomes an evangelist of your organization.

Keep in touch with business leaders through surveys, smart content, and social monitoring. All of these things put together will give you a blueprint for attracting and retaining more businesses in the future. Remember - it’s much easier to retain a customer than attract a new one.

Get help taking site selectors and prospects on a virtual journey.

Golden Shovel Agency uses the buyer’s journey method to generate leads for economic developers. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you.


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