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One East Kentucky Paints a 3D Picture of Possibility for Available Land in Pikesville

One East Kentucky Paints a 3D Picture of Possibility for Available Land in Pikesville Main Photo

5 Jul 2021

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360-Degree Video, 3D Rendering, and Virtual Reality by PlaceVR Create an Unforgettable Experience for Site Selectors

The economic developers at One East Kentucky know that in order to get on a site selector's short list, you have to give them a vision of the future and that's exactly what they're doing as they promote a 15-acre site of available land with 360-degree video and virtual reality.

They've just launched a video that features a 3D rendering of a business facility that slowly materializes as the viewer looks all around them with a  virtual reality headset. The low rumble of a train increases the sense that you're really at the site and demonstrates the proximity of a rail spur that is a unique aspect of this location.

"The quality of the spec building is phenomenal," said Chuck Sexton, President and CEO of One East Kentucky. "There's so much detail, from the building itself to the trailers in the year. It's so realistic."

The video was produced by the PlaceVR division of Golden Shovel Agency and one of the first 360-degree videos for economic development that is enhanced with a 3D rendering. Golden Shovel has also developed a Virtual Meetings App that allows Sexton and his colleagues to virtually stand in the parking lot of the virtual building and discuss the site.

"By using virtual reality technology, One East Kentucky is showing just how innovative they are," said Aaron Brossoit, CEO of Golden Shovel Agency. "That sends a message to potential buyers about what it's going to be like to work with them and that might be just what it takes to close a deal."

One East Kentucky is collaborating with Golden Shovel Agency to create a series of six videos and 3D building renderings that will market available land in industrial park sites and existing buildings that are for sale.



ONE EAST KENTUCKY was established in 2015 as east Kentucky's Center of Economic Development Excellence and is a 501(c)3 regional economic development organization responsible for spearheading the growth and diversification of eastern Kentucky's economic base through recruiting new industry, jobs, and investment to the heart of Appalachia. Since 2016, One East Kentucky has announced over 1,000 new jobs and $154.6 million in capital investment. For more information about One East Kentucky, the nine-county region, industrial properties, workforce development, incentives, or other economic development resources, click here. Follow One East Kentucky on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

GOLDEN SHOVEL AGENCY'S PLACEVR is a full-service economic development firm specializing in workforce attraction for economic and community development. PlaceVR is a revolutionary new approach to economic development that harnesses emerging 360-degree video and virtual reality technologies to create immersive experiences that drive business and workforce recruitment. Our productions combine a depth of experience in both virtual reality production, marketing, and communications to bring to life an entirely new strategy for attracting businesses, talent, and visitors. Learn more about PlaceVR. Learn more about Golden Shovel Agency.

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