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Interpretive Center Meets Goals for Accessibility with PlaceVR Kiosk

Interpretive Center Meets Goals for Accessibility with PlaceVR Kiosk Main Photo

24 May 2019

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By 24-7 Press Release

Lower Sioux Agency Historic Site Collaborates with Golden Shovel Agency to Bring Virtual Reality Experience to Visitors

(Little Falls, MN, May 24,  2019) – Visitors to the Lower Sioux Agency Historic Site can now experience the expansive trails and outlying structures with an immersive virtual reality (VR) experience made possible by Golden Shovel Agency’s PlaceVR technology.

The historic site might be anchored by the museum building where visitors can learn about the history of the Dakota community, but it’s on the prairie and river bluff trails where people can really get a sense for the land where that history took place. Unfortunately, the trails and outlying structures have been out of reach for some visitors who have mobility limitations or even when weather or seasonality make it impossible to venture the grounds.

Cheyanne St. John, the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer for the Lower Sioux Indian Community, had set a goal to give all visitors the same experience across the board, but she didn’t know how that was going to be possible until she participated in a PlaceVR demonstration by Golden Shovel Agency.

“We’re a seasonal site, and we’re only open May through October. It’s really important that any of the visitors that come to tour or visit the interpretive center have equal opportunity to experience the educational or recreational offerings that are provided on our site,” said St. John.

Golden Shovel Agency is a pioneer in the use of virtual reality technology to meet objectives such as the Lower Sioux Historic Site’s goal for accessibility and inclusion. By creating 360-degree experiences, Golden Shovel helps visitor bureaus, economic development agencies and businesses engage with the people they want to reach so they can meet their goals for workforce, business or visitor attraction.

“The impact of virtual reality is a deeply immersive experience that helps people remember and retain what they learn,” said Ron Kresha, COO for Golden Shovel Agency. “With PlaceVR, our clients are able to engage with more of the people they want to reach by giving them a cost-effective way to be there without being there.”¡

The LOWER SIOUX AGENCY, established by the U.S. government in 1853, is the site where the U.S.-Dakota War broke out in 1862. A visitor center and self-guided trails interpret agency and Dakota history. The site is located along County Highway 2, nine miles east of Redwood Falls. The Lower Sioux Agency is managed by the Lower Sioux Indian Community. To learn more and plan your visit go to:

This project was made possible, in part, by a grant from the Minnesota Historical and Cultural Heritage Grants Program and the Minnesota Indian Affairs Council, through the Minnesota Historical Society by the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment.

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