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Five Reasons Economic Developers Should Use Video on Their Websites

Five Reasons Economic Developers Should Use Video on Their Websites Main Photo

5 Sep 2017

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Research suggests over 60% of the internet traffic is video. We are captivated by videos and we retain information better when video accompanies content. Additionally, websites using video for promotion gain better organic search engine rankings. If you are not using video to promote your community, here are five reasons why you should be.

Video attracts engaged visitors

According to a Digital Content Next Study, “80% of all video viewers watched an ad online, and 52% have taken some sort of action . . . “.  Economic developers want people to experience and interact with their communities. Adding video to your website is an effective way to attract visitors and get them to engage with your website.

Content marketing with video is increasing

Small businesses with a marketing budget of more than $10,000 are increasingly using video to promote their companies and their products. Economic developers should capitalize on the video explosion marketing happening right now.

If you want people to engage with your community and to interact with your economic development website, show them videos of your community. A visually appealing video on your website will drive up interest and traffic for your community website.

Video marketing is cost effective

Gone are the days where putting together quality video was a six-figure endeavor. The technology is readily available and the cost has decreased. The biggest barrier to producing a quality video for your community is finding a company that knows economic development and knows how to structure a quality video.

Because the technology is readily available, many people think they can get into the video marketing industry. The reality is that while many people think they can produce video, effective video marketing requires artistry and experience. Don’t just create a video. Create an amazing video that promotes your community.

Video drives SEO rankings

Google’s search algorithm cares more about whether the user finds the content they desire then how the page is optimized for SEO. Delivering the right content for consumers is critical to the success of your website. Video delivers relevant and powerful content.

It is important to put the right content on your website and to make sure your pages give people the information they seek. Adding a video will enhance the content and reinforce its relevance. In short, video makes your website more attractive--according to a 2009 Forrester study “53 times more . . .”.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

Economic developers work hard to promote their communities, building sites and workforce. Getting people’s attention on the internet is a full-time endeavor. So it is a privilege when a user gives your website some of their attention.

Because consumers on the internet are sparingly giving their attention to websites, we must maximize effectiveness in a very short time. A 30-second video can quickly deliver the message in ways that a well-written blog cannot.

Additionally, that 30-second video will stick in the user’s memory long after the user has left.  This impression on the person is valuable and is more likely to draw them back to your site, and there are a couple of ways to make sure your video sticks with people.

Make sure your video has a message.  Give the viewers a tangible message they can take with them.  Every economic developer believes in their community.  But what is that one message that resonates about your community?

Get to the point of your video as quick as possible. The quicker the viewer connects and understands your message, the better your viewing results. If the viewer is confused or has to guess at your intent, you will lose them.

 Your video should be shareable. If you can get someone to like your video and share it within 45 seconds, you have achieved the gold star.  Create an emotional draw so you can gain traffic and effectively promote your community.

Content marketing on the internet has already turned to video as a powerful, effective marketing tool.  Isn’t it about time you turned to video as well?

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