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Bethany Quinn

Vice President of Strategy & Content Development

Department: Leadership

Bethany Quinn, VP of Strategy & Content Development, has been with Golden Shovel since February of 2016. She held the positions of Lead Copywriter and Director of Content prior to becoming the VP of Strategy & Content Development. She is also a co-host of our podcast, ShovelTalk. Prior to Golden Shovel, Bethany co-owned a digital marketing and content development firm with an emphasis on supporting small businesses. She brought 10 years of content writing, digital marketing, SEO experience, and project management to the team. She also has her Bachelor of Science from Penn State University.

Bethany’s day-to-day responsibilities include developing internal and external growth strategies, managing a team of talented marketing professionals, coaching/team development, project and client management, research, stakeholder engagement, presentations, content, and strategy development.

Bethany enjoys getting to know the Golden Shovel clients and the communities they serve on a detailed and granular level, helping them to define their goals and objectives, and then creating and implementing the strategies that help them to achieve those goals. Through her time with Golden Shovel, she has been privileged to bear witness to community transformations and has been delighted to play a part in their growth.

Bethany currently lives in Annapolis, Maryland with her family of nine (husband, 7 kids, and dog, Sox). They like to travel - their two favorite destinations are the Outer Banks in North Carolina and Disney World. On weekends, you’ll find them going to museums and galleries in D.C., visiting historic sites up and down the east coast, and cooking new recipes, ideally from around the world.

For any questions about your content or strategy, contact Bethany Quinn at